Laboratorij za energetsku učinkovitost u zgradarstvu

Laboratorij za energetsku učinkovitost u zgradarstvu je osnovan Odlukom Fakultetskog vijeća Građevinskog fakulteta Osijek od 11.03.2014. u okviru Zavoda za arhitekturu i urbanizam. Trenutno je laboratorij opremljen opremom za „BlowerDoor“ ispitivanje zrakopropusnosti plašta zgrade i vrata i prozora, mjerenje relativne vlažnost, temperature okoline, ugljičnog monoksida i ugljičnog dioksida, termografska snimanja, vizualizacije i određivanja mikrolokacije strujanja zraka, mjerenje temperature, brzine vjetra, strujanja zraka, razine bukete određivanje koeficijenta prolaska topline građevnih dijelova.


Voditelj laboratorija je doc.dr.sc. Hrvoje Krstić, a aktivno u radu laboratorija sudjeluju sljedeći djelatnici izv.prof.dr.sc. Željko Koški, dipl.inž.arh., doc.dr.sc. Irena Ištoka Otković, dipl.inž.građ. i Mihaela Teni, mag.ing.aedif.


Laboratorij raspolaže osnovnom opremom za provedbu ispitivanja u laboratoriju i na terenu.


Device Name Short description (purpose) Year of acquisition
Minneapolis BlowerDoor With the pressure gauge DG-700 and the software TECTITE Express included it is possible to conduct highly accurate automated BlowerDoor tests of buildings airtightness and air infiltration at window joints following the German Industrial and European Standard DIN EN 12207. 2013.
Dataloger HD37AB17D HD37AB17D instrument have the ability to investigate and monitor the indoor air quality. Typical applications include checking air quality inside buildings occupied by people (schools, hospitals, auditoria, canteens, etc.). Instrument can measure temperature, relative humidity and concentration of CO and CO2. Instrument is equipt with ventilator and bottle with CO2. 2013.
Thermal imager Testo 882 With the thermal imager testo 882, it is possible to test materials and components reliably and securely. The testo 882 stands out with very high-resolution thermal images and a high thermal sensitivity. This allows identification of every detail on the measurement object completely non-intrusively, and detects anomalies and weak spots more easily even at a great distance. 2013.
Instrument Testo 480 With this one measuring instrument and its digital probes, you can record parameters such as flow velocity, temperature, humidity, radiated heat according to DIN 33403 and ISO 7243. 2013.
Smoke generator and smoking pens
(25 pieces)
The Viper NT is a high performance fog machine with a built-in timer and DMX. Pump can be adjusted in increments of 1%-99%. Heat-up time is approximately 7 minutes. Continuous output when pump is set at < 50% and settings above 50% will yield a 40 second blast. Smoking pens generates white smoke, one pen lasts up to 30 minutes. 2014.
Measuring instruments NI 9205 & NI 9148 with probes The National Instruments 9205 is a C Series module, for use with NI CompactDAQ and CompactRIO chassis. The NI 9205 features 32 single-ended or 16 differential analog inputs, 16-bit resolution, and a maximum sampling rate of 250 kS/s. Each channel has programmable input ranges of ±200 mV, ±1, ±5, and ±10 V. 2014.
Instrument CEL-246
(2 pieces)
A device for measuring noise levels with the accompanying software and accessories. The device allows continuous monitoring and storage of noise levels. 30 to 130 dB total dynamic range. 2014.
Instrument TESTO 545 Testo 545, a device for measuring the luminance intensity with the accompanying software and equipment. Measuring range from 0 up to +100000 Lux. 2014.
Instrument Testo 435-4
(2 pieces)
Testo 435-4 is multifunction device with the accompanying software and equipment. The device allows measurement of various units depending on the number of probes: thermal transmittance - U-value (two probes), air pressure (1 probe), temperature (two probes), the intensity of luminance (1 probe), humidity / air temperature (1 probe) , relative humidity, CO2 levels and temperature (1 probe). One device measures one value at a time. 2014.